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1. What is SoftDelete?

SoftDelete is a feature that lets you download a PDF version that keeps track of all updates made to the agreement. Additions and changes are underlined. Deletions are strikedthrough. The intent of SoftDelete is to track all changes made to the agreement:

  • Deviations from the original framework

  • Text alternatives

  • Changes at the level of letter, word, sentence, section

Note that tags only show their last value, not all the values that have been assigned during negotiation.

2. How is SoftDelete enabled?

You need system admin permission to enable SoftDelete in a framework. Ask support for help if needed.

3. How do I use SoftDelete?

On the EraCLM editor top-right section, the button to download a PDF version of the agreement is available during the negotiation process.

4. Does SoftDelete show internal negotiations to the counterparty?

SoftDelete resets when the agreement is ready to be sent to the counterparty, from then on, SoftDelete only tracks the changes made during negotiation between team 0 and the counterparty.

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