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How to Use the EraCLM-Salesforce Integration

The EraCLM integration in Salesforce lets you create frameworks and agreements from Salesforce. You can create agreements directly from a Salesforce Account or Opportunity. The rest of the negotiation process must be performed in EraCLM, but you can manually synchronize the agreement status in Salesforce.

Create an Agreement or Request

Follow this procedure to create an agreement in Salesforce.


  • A Salesforce account

  • The MitratechApplication package installed in Salesforce


  1. From MitratechApplication, go to Object Type > New Agreement, where Object Type is Accounts or Opportunities.

  2. Select the framework.

  3. On Main Details, enter Mitratech__Agreement_Name and the tag values if tags are not populated automatically.

  4. Click Next.

  5. Answer the conditional drafting questions, if applicable.

  6. On Tags, enter the tag values if they are not populated automatically.

  7. Click Submit.  

You can access the new agreement in MitratechApplication > Agreements in Salesforce, or in EraCLM > Agreements. Perform the rest of the negotiation process in EraCLM.

Synchronize the Agreement from EraCLM to Salesforce

Synchronize the agreement status from EraCLM to Salesforce manually.

  1. From MitratechApplication, go to Agreements.

  2. Select the agreement from the agreement list.

  3. To update the status, click Sync Agreement.


The following table lists all possible agreement status.

Agreement status




Externally Signing







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