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Integration With Third-Party Software

What is currently available?

Currently EraCLM can integrate with Salesforce and Docusign. Salesforce lets you create an agreement without leaving the platform. This is useful when a salesperson closes a deal with a client and within Salesforce they can make a request to the legal team to create the contract for the new client. DocuSign lets you use eSignature to electronically sign your EraCLM agreement, and sends the PDF copy of the signed agreement back to EraCLM to keep it as a record.



DocuSign lets organizations sign contracts on different devices through their eSignature software. The EraCLM-DocuSign integration lets you use DocuSign to electronically sign the agreement negotiated in EraCLM. After the negotiation between team 0 and the counterparty ends, a PDF copy of the agreement is sent to DocuSign. All signers, configured in EraCLM, receive the agreement in their Dashboard, under Drafts. After the agreement is signed, EraCLM keeps a copy of the signed agreement as PDF as if it were signed within EraCLM. Ask EraCLM support to configure the EraCLM-DocuSign integration.



Salesforce is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software specialized in marketing, sales, and customer service, among other services.  Salesforce also lets you obtain analytics, develop custom applications and implement AI and automation. The EraCLM-Salesforce integration lets you use Salesforce as always and create within Salesforce an agreement using EraCLM in a seamless way. It also lets you keep track of the status of the agreement to give feedback to your customers. The EraCLM-Salesforce integration lets Salesforce users that aren't part of the negotiation and don't need an EraCLM account initiate the agreement process and keep track of its status, whether it's in the draft phase or waiting for the signatures. Salesforce fills tags automatically with information it already has, it also lets Salesforce users fill tags with any information that they already have. Ask EraCLM support for more information about the EraCLM-Salesforce integration. 


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