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EraCLM MS Word Add-in


The EraCLM MS Word Add-in is a downloadable plug-in from the Microsoft Store that lets you work and edit agreements during the negotiation process outside of our EraCLM Contract Editor. This Add-in feature can synchronize versions between the EraCLM Add-in and EraCLM core application automatically so as to send and preserve the latest changes updated in both environments. In this way, EraCLM keeps a record of all content changes and user activity whether you choose to work within the online editor or offline in your MS Word tool. This provides great flexibility for our user community while keeping real-time agreement details throughout the negotiation and contracting process.

General Assumptions

  • The document drafting will still take place in the EraCLM online editor, and therein leveraging the platform’s conditional drafting capabilities to assemble the document for a specific transaction.

  • The collaborators on the drafter’s team will have the option and opportunity to review and edit the draft using EraCLM’s new Word add-in capabilities. 

  • The counterparty can also work with a Word file that is downloaded for offline review. They will also be allowed to install the EraCLM Word add-in to seamlessly upload their changes, but most likely opt-out and work offline without add-in capabilities.

What You Can Do with the EraCLM Add-in? 

Depending on your role, you can perform the following actions:

  • Edit the agreement.

  • Add comments.

  • Accept or reject changes to the agreement.

  • Upload your changes for review by the rest of the team.

What You Can’t Do with the EraCLM Add-in?

The EraCLM add-in currently doesn’t support the following actions:

  • Draft an agreement.

  • Accept or sign an agreement.

  • Text Alternatives usage: Text Alternative is not supported from EraCLM MS Word Add-in  currently, as we’re in the process of upgrading these capabilities in the online version.

  • The Agreement file that you receive via email or download will be tied to your user account and therefore, it only has items pending on you. Important - since this file is tied to your user account, you should not share it with other users.

How is the Online and Offline Editing Experience Enhanced?

  • Ability to synchronize and see redlines for edits made in Word with the EraCLM online editor and vice versa.

  • Team collaboration settings (i.e. negotiator and viewer permissions) will be applied to work performed on Word add-in

  • Ability to maintain synchronization of unique section identifiers between Word add-in and EraCLM Core, throughout the negotiation process.

  • A Changes Tracker that tracks and lists the changes you've made to the document, but are still waiting for you to upload, to update the document with your latest changes.

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How to Install the EraCLM Add-in

With Windows

Install the EraCLM add-in:

  1. Open Word and go to Ribbon > Insert > Get Add-Ins.

  2. Search for the EraCLM app and hit Enter.

  3. Click Add.

With macOS

Install the EraCLM add-in:

  1. Open Word and go to the menu > Insert > Get Add-Ins.

  2. Search EraCLM and hit Enter.

  3. Click Add.