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Collaborati 4.1 Patch 1 Release Notes

Bug Fixes

Issue: Automated Timekeeper Merge Not Locking Firm During Syncs
Description: Automated timekeeper merge tool is unable to prevent clients from performing sync when associated timekeeper(s) are being merged in Collaborati.
Tracking Code:COLL-14950

Issue: Rate Requests are failing because of missing GUID for the Timekeeper(s) associated with rate requests.
Tracking Code: COLL-15031

Issue: Session timeout while uploading/overwriting the timekeeper profiles due to large no.of associations.
Description: New setting "Timekeeper uploads saved in batches" added under firm profile settings to process the uploaded timekeepers in batches of one and to avoid any session timeout issues. Only M-Admin will have access to edit and view this setting.
Tracking Code: COLL-15380 

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