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Collaborati 3.0 Patch 2 Release Notes

Collaborati 3.0.0 Patch 2 (PLT3000002)

resolves the following issues:


Issue: Attaching documents to invoices generated an error and cancelled attachment action on Mozilla Firefox.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-17861

Case Number: 2016-0426-246339


Issue: A hibernation issue led to excessive logging and caused production to crash.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-17744


Issue: The system experienced unusually slow performance when a vendor admin attempted to assign or unassign a timekeeper to a client.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-17680

Case Number: 2016-0419-244971


Issue: Primary attorneys could not be added to matter records via Internet Explorer 11.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-17672

Case Number: 2016-0419-244935


Issue: An internal error occurred when a rate request containing conflicted line items was submitted, and the conflict was not detailed.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-17665

Case Number: 2016-0419-244848


Issue: After downloading a document using Document Sharing, the Excel and PDF files were corrupted and could not be opened.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-17643

Case Number: 2016-0419-244752

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