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3.0 Release Notes

This document details the system requirements and resolved issues included in Collaborati™ 3.0.0.

1 System Requirements

Collaborati 3.0.0 works with Lawtrac™ 4.1, LawManager™ 6.5, eCounsel™ 8.10, and all versions of TeamConnect™ and CSM.

2 New Features or Enhancements

The following items are changes or enhancements built into Collaborati™ 3.0.0:


  • Java 8 compatibility.
  • Improved navigation.
  • New icons.
  • New color scheme.
  • Collaborati is equipped with a simplified process for attaching documents to an invoice.
  • Collaborati is equipped with a Matters tab.
  • Authorized users can view all timekeepers for a particular client.
  • Documents can be attached to a client's profile.
  • Active timekeepers can be assigned as Primary Attorney.
  • New matter notifications can be hidden for vendor users.
  • Rate Request fields have a maxlength attribute set.
  • New data table functionality and design.
  • Users can view or hide data table columns.
  • Users can rearrange data table columns.
  • Data tables can be printed or exported.
  • Matter names are linked to the matter record from the budget view.
  • Email notification option when a new matter is added by clients.
  • Matter- and client-level notifications can be configured.
  • Primary Attorney can be specified for matters.


  • Users can search for invoices by related matter.
  • Invoice submitter's name is readily available.
  • Date of invoice status change is readily available.
  • Internal matter name and number can be associated with a client matter.
  • Users can search for matters by internal name or ID.


  • Users are notified before they are automatically logged off by the system.
  • Collaborati is equipped with improved error handling for rate requests.

3 Known Issues

This section describes the issues that exist in the Collaborati™ 3.0.0 release. Each issue is documented in the following format:

  • A description of the issue
  • Internal tracking code
  • Salesforce case number, if applicable

Issue: Users are able to open the Rates sub-page when creating a new timekeeper, which causes an internal error.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-17375


Issue: Favicons do not work on Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-17382


Issue: If a user uploads an invoice that contains errors, viewing the errors log causes the page to crash and the user receives a cache corruption error.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-17389


Issue: Users cannot populate the Company field when creating a new user.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-17396


Issue: The main Budgets tab is not highlighted when the Tendering page is opened.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-17403


Issue: Validation message displays twice when editing a user profile.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-17410


Issue: Invoice totals do not match when a user uploads a LEDES invoice that has matter-level adjustments and uses non-U.S. taxes.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-17417


Issue: The vendor's password is emailed in plain text and listed as "temporary" during vendor registration.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-17424


Issue: Line item amount is not populated with previous value when editing an invoice's Fee Adjustment line item.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-17431


Issue: After creating a new invoice, the Submit Later button returns users to the homepage; afterward, the Submit Later button directs users to the Track Invoices page.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-17438


Issue: The Client Timekeeper Rates table is missing the Matter column.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-17459


Issue: HTML/CSS code appears in the title of a message.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-17466


Issue: On the Collaborati Test environment, vendor administrator users with a large amount of profile data experience a long wait when logging in.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-17473


Issue: An HTML end tag is appended to the end of the timekeeper's surname when editing the timekeeper during client/vendor set-up.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-17480


Issue: When the setting for "Timekeepers ignored on Invoice Expense Line Items" is disabled, users can still add timekeeper information to an EXP line item.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-17487


Issue: The Client List page displays all clients as Percent of Spend Model on the Mitratech administrator's view, even if the client uses Line Item Model.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-17494


Issue: If a user completes a budget request and sends an additional request, the accounts are duplicated on the vendor's matter budget table.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-17522


Issue: An unnecessary error message is generated when users delete a rate request line item.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-17501


Issue: The "Select All" checkbox in the rate request line item table does not function.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-17508


4  Resolved Issues

This section describes the issues that were fixed for the Collaborati 3.0 release. Each issue is documented in the following format:

  • A description of the issue
  • Internal tracking code
  • Salesforce case number, if applicable

Issue: The CSM synchronization fails if a timekeeper with assigned invoics was deleted.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-10658

Case Number: 2015-0309-127151


Issue: The CSM Monthly Items Report page updated incorrectly and displayed an incorrect amount of processed line items.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-11321

Case Number: 2015-0401-129188


Issue: The Fee and Expense Adjustment line item types were not accepted in LEDES 1998BI V2 invoices and generated a non-detailed error notice.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-11789

Case Number: 2015-0409-129947


Issue: Changes were not saved and internal errors occurred when vendors were deactivated and deleted.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-11846

Case Number: 2015-0407-129698


Issue: Charge types did not affect line item sum calculations for LEDES 2000 and LEDES XML 2.0 invoices.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-11969

Case Number: 2015-0424-131535


Issue: Timekeeper rates were not synchronized after the timekeeper's rate was removed from the contact record.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-12970

Case Number: 2015-0526-135419


Issue: If the International Line Item Tax Detail setting was enabled, an error occurred when line item taxes were rounded in LEDES files.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-13463

Case Number: 2015-0612-136932


Issue: LEDES invoices containing invalid tax codes were not returning descriptive error messages.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-13910

Case Number: 2015-0709-139254


Issue: Disabled vendors could add and link timekeepers to clients.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-13966

Case Number: 2015-0714-139569


Issue: An internal error occurred when creating an invoice that contained non-U.S. taxes.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-14505

Case Number: 2015-0818-196748


Issue: An error occurred for rate requests if the timekeeper display code started with a zero.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI- 14807

Case Number: 2015-0901-201120


Issue: The Collaborati Pricing Structure was missing from the License Agreement if viewed through the site.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-15288

Case Number: 2015-1002-206195


Issue: If a discount was specified on the Taxes & Discounts page for an invoice containing line item taxes, the system calculated the Value Added Tax (VAT) incorrectly.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-16069

Case Number: 2015-1112-213521


Issue: Manually created rate requests default to the client's currency instead of the currency on the timekeeper's contact card.

Tracking code: SUPPORTPRI-17124

Case Number: 2016-0323-239110

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