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Error: Rate is Missing

This error occurs while creating the Rate Request manually.

Cause 1:

 If a character is entered in the 'Rate' field, instead of a number. For example, if you enter the letter 'A' in the Rate field, it throws this error as shown below:

Eb rate is missing.png


Enter rate as a number value rather than a character.

Cause 2:

This error could also occur even though a number is entered in the Rate field. This might be due to locale problem.

Eb rate is missing 1.png


You can follow these steps to resolve this problem:

1. Login to Collaborati
2. Click on the Preferences (top right)
3. Change the Locale setting to "English (United States)" and save
4. Logout and Login again
5. Clear browser history

Try to enter the Rate again.

COL 3 rate is missing.png

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