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Determining if your Client uses Collaborati for Rate Submission

This article will assist with how to submit rates (depending upon whether your client uses Rate Collaboration or not), includes helpful screen shots.

To submit rate requests to your client through Collaborati, your client must first have the feature "Rate Collaboration" set to ON. 

1. Select the Clients tab. 

COLL RR3.png

2. Either search for the client or click the name of the client.

3. Click the Settings sub-navigation link for that client.

COLL RR2.png

4. In the Settings page, locate Rate Collaboration

COLL RR1.png

If Rate Collaboration is OFF, then the client does not have firms submit rate requests through Collaborati. You will need to contact your client for instructions for how to submit rate requests to the client. Please refer to our article How do I view client contact information and billing guidelines? for instructions on how to find the client's billing contact.

If Rate Collaboration is ON, then the firm can proceed to submit rate requests through Collaborati. Please refer to our article How do I submit a Rate Request? for instructions on how to submit a rate request in Collaborati. 

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