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Attach a Document to a LEDES File

Here are some directions to assist you in adding an attachment to your uploaded LEDES file. Click here to view the list of file types you can attach to your LEDES file.


Upload your LEDES file

  1. Upload your LEDES file.

  2. Once the invoice is uploaded, click on the grey Paperclip icon  in the Attachments column (see screen shot).
  3. Click “Choose Files” and find the document you want to upload.

Attach Your File

4. Click "Attach File" to attach your selected file

COLL Attachments.png

5. Once you have uploaded your document, click on "Close".

Your Attachment is indicated by a blue Paperclip icon . This invoice is now ready to be submitted to the client.

If you need to review the details of the Invoice (such as the Line Items) you can click on the “File Name” and then click on the “Invoice Number”.

If you have already submitted the invoice without the attachments, then please refer to the "Collaborati: Can I make attachments to an invoice that has already been submitted?". Once the invoice is rejected or canceled, please go through the steps above, attach your document and resubmit the invoice.

Video Guide

 Video Link

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