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Attach a Document to a LEDES File

For information about the types of files you can attach to your invoice Click here .

Uploading your LEDES file for Firms

(For offices that are part of the Firm structure)
Office Accounts are created by Collaborati Support.
Office accounts are used to manage firms with multiple locations.  

Click on "Upload Invoices"

Make sure the "Bill Office From" and the "Select Office" are correct.  If the fields are not selected, be sure to select the correct information.


Choose the file or Browse for the file.


Click Upload File button


The system will process the file.  The File Status may show as “Processing”.  Once the file has been processed, you will see the File Status, “Ready to Submit” or “File Error”.

Troubleshooting:  If you don’t see the file, make sure the "Select Office" field is showing correctly. Also, make sure you are on Page 1 if there are many pages (on the bottom right side of the screen).


Upload your LEDES file

(For offices that are not part of the Firm structure) Click on "Upload Invoices"

Browse for or Choose your LEDES file.  Click "Upload File" button

Attach Your File

Once the invoice is uploaded, click on the grey Paperclip icon  in the Attachments column (see screen shot).

Click "Choose Files" button and find the document you want to upload.

EB  - LEDES Choose File (3).png

Click "Attach File" button to attach your selected file

COLL Attachments.png

Once you have uploaded your document, click "Close" button.

EB - LEDES close (4).png

Your Attachment is indicated by a blue Paperclip icon . This invoice is now ready to be submitted to the client.

If you need to review the details of the Invoice (such as the Line Items) you can click on the “File Name” and then click on the “Invoice Number”.

If you have already submitted the invoice without the attachments, then please refer to the "Collaborati: Can I make attachments to an invoice that has already been submitted?". If the status of the invoice is Canceled, please go through the steps above, attach your document and resubmit the invoice.

Video Guide

 Video Link