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Overview of LEDES XML and Tax

Collaborati 3.9 and changes to Tax validation

Some users have encountered a problem recently with their LEDES XML file and tax.

File Error: INVOICE_TOTAL #### does not match the total calculated by Collaborati ****

where #### is the invoice total with tax

and **** is the invoice total without tax

and the invoice is LEDES XML


Collaborati seems to be calculating the total and not including this tax amount (only including the fee lines and expense lines).  This is due to better validation on how the tax is applied in Collaborati 3.9.  The tax will need to be defined at the line items going forward.


Below is a sample of the @FEE segment with the @TAX_ITEM_FEE segment - all the fee segments would need to have this information.


    <charge_desc>Fee 2018</charge_desc>



note, <tx_id>TAX</tx_id> the value TAX would need to match the tx_id reference in the @TAX segment in your file

and <file_item_nbr> value is a unique number


Each line with tax would need to include the @TAX_ITEM_FEE segment.



Here is an example of the error:

COLL- LEDES_XML_and_Tax1.png

Attached is a sample file from the website showing how the @FEE segments include the the @TAX_ITEM_FEE segment.

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