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Invoice File for Invoice abc.txt is not a Recognized File Format. Please Verify the File...file should contain at least 3 tokens.

How to resolve the LEDES error, "The invoice file for Invoice abc.txt is not in a recognized file format. Please verify the file is in standard LEDES format.(A Ledes 1998B file should contain at least 3 tokens.)"

This error occurs due to one of the below reasons:

1. The <Client_Matter_ID> field is missing from the header of the file and no values exists for this field.

2. The <Client_Matter_ID> field is added in the header of the file. However, the delimiters([]) are missing in all the line items.

Collaborati-How do I fix an error message01.png

So, to resolve this error, please add the delimiters([]) at the end of all the line-items.

Collaborati-How do I fix an error message02.png




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