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LEDES File Completed with Errors

Quick topic explaining How do I handle files that are Completed, with Errors?

When the status of a file shows Completed, Errors, that means that the file previously contained both invoices with errors and invoices that did not have errors. The invoices that did not have errors have already been submitted to the client and accepted by the client. The invoices that did have errors were not submitted. You can view which invoices were successful and which invoices had errors by clicking the file name. 

Collaborati can create a LEDES file for you that contains only the invoices with errors, and you can download it to your computer to edit the file and correct the errors. Follow these steps: 

  • Click the highlighted link Errors
  • The File Errors page appears showing error messages from the file. A drop-down list allows you to select which types of errors are shown. 
  • On this page is a link, Download File containing Invoices with Errors. A file name has already been assigned to the download. When you click the link, your browser begins the download process. 
  • After the download has completed, you remain on this page until you click a link to go elsewhere in Collaborati. 

Note: A file with status Completed, Errors, has finished Collaborati processing. You cannot submit it again. Although you can download the errors in this file, correct the errors, and upload a new file with the corrected invoices, that new file is considered a separate file and does not impact this file.

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