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Client ID Error

Quick Collaborati guide detailing how to resolve a "Client_ID is invalid" error within LEDES files.

The CLIENT_ID in your LEDES file must match the Internal Client Code stored in Collaborati. Follow these steps to find the Internal Client Code:

  • Click "Clients" in the top menu bar
  • Choose your client
  • Click the fourth icon on the left side of the page ("Codes")
  • Click "Select Office" to choose the correct Office from the dropdown menu
  • Select the "Internal Client Code" link

EB - Client ID Error1.png

The code that is displayed should be entered in the CLIENT_ID field for the LEDES file you are trying to submit. For multiple client codes, separate each code by commas.

  • Example: 123, 456

You can change this code to match your existing billing system or if you don’t have any set up in your system. For ease of use and faster processing we recommend creating one consistent code.


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