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Add Additional Fields to the Header Section

Follow these steps to add the International fields to the bottom part of the Header Section while creating the invoice manually:

1. Hover over “Admin” tab in the top menu bar.    
2. Click “Settings”.
3. Enable the checkbox 'Support LEDES international fields for invoice creation' (as shown below).
4. Click on "Save" button.
  Then logout and login to enable the new settings.


After enabling this setting, you would be able to see the additional/International fields of the Header Section in Create Invoice page as shown below including the Tax ID, PO Number (PO No), Account Type and Invoice Currency. More information about the fields here.

If you would like to specify a special name for your invoice's client name, then you can use the additional fields like Client Name, Country, Address, City, State/Province, Zip/Postal Code.

- If you enter one or more of the fields, then your invoice will not use any of the Default information and will use only the information you enter.

- If you leave these fields blank, then your invoice will use the Default information from the Client Profile page. 

Below are two example invoices.

Filling some of the fields:

Create Invoice2.png

Preview (note that Address 2 and State/Province are not included):

Create Invoice3.png

Note: If you fill in the Law Firm fields on the left side, you should also fill in the Client fields, otherwise, the Client name and address will be blank on the preview page. 

Leaving fields blank:

Client Details.png

Preview (Same as Default information from the Client Profile page):

Create Invoice1.png

To view the Client's default Contact information, follow these steps:

1. Click on 'Clients' tab
2. Click on your particular client
3. Click the first icon from the top of the left navigation menu ("Client Profile")
4. It displays the client's default Contact information (as shown in below screenshot)

Client Info.png