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Collaborati: Notes about Budget Sharing

Client Setting information for TeamConnect

UPDATE: Note that Mitratech has identified some issues with the feature, primarily around CSM sync, non-US office currency, and consistency between TeamConnect and Collaborati as the budget is in various workflow phases in TeamConnect.

Mitratech will consider reviewing this feature in the future, in the meantime, no new clients should enable Budget Sharing

Budget Sharing is a feature enabled by Mitratech Admin users on a per client basis in Collaborati. Clients must be on TeamConnect 3.4 or later to use the feature. Here's an image of the screen in Collaborati where the feature is enabled:

EB - Budget Sharing (1).png

When Budget Sharing is enabled, CSM sends Actuals and Remaining amounts to Collaborati Offices.

EB - Vendor View of Budgets (2).png

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