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Collaborati: Testing for TeamConnect clients

Collaborati Test Environments:

We have two testing environments for Collaborati. 

STAGE Collaborati (fulldata.test.collaborati) - This is a copy of production, and gets “refreshed” on the second Friday of every quarter.  It is used mainly for short term testing. We do not make test vendors in Production Collaborati.  Thus, you will need to create a test vendor each quarter.

TEST Collaborati (dummydata.test.collaborati) - This is a stand-alone testing area, suggested for longer testing. It is not “refreshed”, so your test vendors do not change. This provides an open environment to experiment and learn the intricacies of being a vendor, where the invoice submissions are not sent to a live client. This is the preferred environment for ongoing testing.

Collaborati Maintenance:

Collaborati Stage is refreshed on the second Friday every three months (March, June, September, December). 

A notice is available on Collaborati STAGE indicating the date of the next refresh.

Hosting Department will perform the backup of Prod and refresh of Stage. 


Software updates are handled by Hosting Department upon each new release of Collaborati.   Email notifications regarding down time for maintenance (including updates) are sent to .  Contact Collaborati Support to be added to the notification list.

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