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Collaborati: How to make an adjustment or credit in LEDES98B file/Invoice Level Discount

There are two basic options for creating an invoice level discount.  It really depends on what the client wants to see on the invoice.  Does the client want to see the discount distributed into the fee and expense lines (option 1) OR does the client want to see the discount as a separate line (option 2)?  This may be something you need to discuss with your client (and this may vary from client to client).

ADJUSTMENTS for a LEDES98B invoice

Example: a discount of $1000 on an invoice with invoice total of $3000

Option 1: Invoice Adjustment Line (IF/IE)

If a vendor is using a LEDES file for this process, he or she can simply add an Invoice Adjustment Line (IF or IE) to adjust the Invoice Total by $1000. The IF line (or IE) line will distribute the adjustment among all the F lines (or E lines).

Option 2: Expense line item with discount

Alternatively, he or she could also use a negative line entry (E) as an expense. The E line will make a negative line item (only one line shows the discount).

make sure that any adjustments are reflected in the INVOICE_TOTAL (highlighted in RED)

COLL 1 adjustment in LEDES.png

Download the PDF version hereAdjustments_in_LEDES_files.pdf


Sample LEDES 1998B Adjustment Line Item (IF):

19990225|96542|711|528|2000|19990101|19990131|Retainer Discount|3|IF|1|-1000|-1000|19990131|||||Monthly Service|24-6437381||||DISP-000000[]

Sample LEDES 1998BIv2 Adjustment Line Item (IF):

19990225|96542G|711|528|2010|19990101|19990131|Retainer Discount|3|IF|1|-300|-300|19990131|||||Monthly Service|24-6437381||||DISP-000000|77654|76-1235|Merten Merger||1180|GBP|||O|||||||||||||||0|0|VAT|0|GBP[]

More information about adjustments in other LEDES format can be found here.