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Set ICWS Permissions in a Workflow

This page details how to set ICWS button Permissions within an Event Workflow.

Setting ICWS permissions in the Workflow means the admin is mapping the ICWS buttons to the Workflow transitions. Each ICWS button pushes the Workflow through one transition. The last ICWS at the end of a Workflow will complete or close the Workflow.

Generally, ICWS buttons chronologically progress a Workflow step-by-step from start to finish without skipping any steps. However, there may be certain circumstances where users can skip steps in the Workflow. For example, a certain role may need to jump directly to the 3rd step in a Workflow, bypassing the 2nd step.  The Workflow Controls Event Status button must be unchecked for this to be possible.

Note: The example below shows an 'exception' to regular ICWS configuration. In this case, multiple ICWS buttons should be configured in the form.One ICWS button would be configured for the exception, which will cause the user to skip steps and move ahead in the Workflow in a non-chronological order (image below). Another ICWS button would progress the user to the next step in the Workflow in a chronological order.



Set ICWS Permissions in a Workflow:

  1. Open the Workflow.
  2. Click into the specific transition that you want the Workflow to jump to.
  3. Click the Edit button next to ICWS Response.
    1. The Select ICWS Response pop-up screen will appear.
  4. Select the live Form from the drop-down menu. Do not select the draft.
    1. The Select ICWS Response screen will show all sections of the Form that contain an ICWS button.
  5. Locate the ICWS button that will be clicked to make the workflow jump ahead to the transition selected in Step 2.
  6. Fan out the section and open it all the way down to the answer (as seen in the image to the right).
    1. The last level will show the ICWS response.
  7. Click the check box to the far right of the ICWS response.
  8. Click Save, then click Ok.







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