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Global Monitoring Report

Global Monitoring Report

This report gives a system wide review of content in the monitoring module, in comparison to previous years’ totals. It breaks down all monitoring's by type (Water, Occupational Health etc.) and then by Org unit. 


  1. Select the Reports tab in the navigation bar
  2. Select Standard Reports
  3. In the Select Report section, locate Global Monitoring Report from the drop down

Report Layout

This report has 3 sections;

  1. Overall of the data selected
  2. Summary of All Org Units per Monitoring
  3. Separated by Monitoring
    1. Broken down by Org unit
    2. Broken down by Entity

Report Filters

CMO-Global MonitoringReport-1-CS.jpg

Report Sample

CMO-Global MonitoringReport-2-CS.jpg

CMO-Global MonitoringReport-3-CS.jpg

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