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Create Invoice

Creating an Invoice   

  1. From the Home Page, select clipboard_e76875073a0e38d24e4183dfb2cf04aa0.png within the Your Invoices information box, OR, navigate to the Invoices Navigation link and select “Create Invoice.” 

  1. Complete the profile data. 

  2. Begin typing your Matter Name, or use clipboard_ed6371f20a1a1dfe054fe4cee7cd0f499.png to search for your matters. 

  3. Enter the Invoice Number, Fee Type, Invoice Date, and Invoice Service Period Dates 

  4. Add a Description if needed. 

  1. Add Invoice Attachments if needed. 

  1. Enter Line Item data. Your timekeeper rate information will populate automatically. 

  1. Add additional line items as needed. 

  1. Click SAVE to create the invoice. You will be moved directly to the Invoice Profile. 


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