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Dashboards Fact Sheet

Dashboard Fact Sheet

Acuity paired with a third party vendor to provided our users with a great BI and analytics reporting tool.  

  • Data is refreshed daily
  • Acuity runs daily verification scripts to confirm there are no variances between our data and the host
  • KPIs and trends are based on Legal Spend (invoices final approved/paid)
  • Dashboards default to the Current Year (switch occurs in Q2)

Key Performance Indicators can be found at the top of each Dashboard

  • For the Current Year, the Prior YTD data will be based on a true apples to apples comparison
  • So, if today is April 5,2021, the Dashboard will pull everything from January 1, 2021 - April 4, 2021 (as data updates every evening) and the Prior YTD will pull January 1, 2020 - April 4, 2020
Firm Performance

Metrics comparing firm performance in legal spend and hours/effort year to date with focus on top firms by spend.  Expense data is excluded from this Dashboard

Matter Analysis

Data provides an in-depth matter analysis.  No spend data is featured here.  

Expense Analysis

Compare expense spend by category across matters, firms and practice areas.  Task/fee data is excluded from this Dashboard.  

Task Analysis

Compare task spend by category across matters, firms and practice areas.  Expense data is excluded from this Dashboard.  

Legal Spend 

To view the highest overview of your TOTAL spend, take a peek at the Legal Spend Dashboard 

Acuity Tip:

To duplicate the Legal Spend Dashboard data on a more granular level, use the Data Download reporting tool.  For more written instruction on data download, see Data Download

  • Include Invoices Status=Sent for Payment and Paid (if you send this info)
  • Remove the Service Period date and pull on the 'Sent for Payment Date' filter
  • If reviewing the current year, make sure you select January 1 as the Start Date and the prior day as the End Date


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