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Lawtrac's Reports module is home to a myriad of reports that can be produced by accessing the information contained in your database. This information can be tracked and compiled into specialized reports which can then be utilized to enhance your matter management.

Important Note: Site administrators may turn off a user’s permissions to view reports at will.

Lawtrac Menu: Reports

Reports Options:



Budgets on File

View a list of all budgets on file.

Budget Variance

View a LEDES budget variance report based on budget status.

Complete Invoice Listing

View a list of all invoices, record date, associated matter, and total amount.

Future Docket Events

View upcoming matter events.

General Rates Overview

View a list of rate card information for individuals of a firm or company.

Matter Assignments

View matter assignment data.

Matter Status Text

View any comments made about the status of a matter.

Rejected Invoices

View invoices that have been rejected during a specific time period.

Rejected Line Items

View line items that have been rejected during a specific invoice date, and/or rejection reason.

Search for an Invoice

Use the search tool to find a particular invoice.

Timekeeper ID

View a list of timekeepers, their title, expertise, record number, and timekeeper ID.


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