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Collaborati: Tips for Firms

Here are the tips for firms - including how to locate the settings.


Office Accounts are created by Collaborati Support.

You will notice at the top of many pages that the Select Office drop down.

Office accounts are used to manage firms with multiple locations.


To view a page in Collaborati or create an invoice, you will need to select an “Office” if the office is not already selected.


 There are two places to check Settings for Firms.

To locate the settings, such as Billing Currency or Time Zone:

Click on Admin in the top menu bar and choose Offices


COLL - TipsForFirms2.png

Click on the Office Name

Bank Account Information

The Account fields are available on this page (Account Country, Account Title, Account Number, Routing Number).


Click on the Settings icon in the left navigational bar.

Settings are visible on this page.


COLL - TipsForFirms4.png


Additional Settings for Firms, such as Invoice Options and Discounts can be found here:

Click on Admin in the top menu bar and choose Settings


COLL - TipsForFirms5.png


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