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When do I need to run install/initial?

WH_install is ran for one of following options: 
    1. New custom fields that have been created or existing system fields have been configured to be refreshed within the data warehouse.
    2. New objects have been created within TeamConnect.
    3. A new data warehouse is being constructed also known as a fresh install of data warehouse

Important: When new custom fields are handled by running one of these files, it is possible that column names in some Data Warehouse views may change, and existing column names could now refer to different data than they did previously. This is caused by the way duplicate column names (in the source database) are handled by table WH_CF_MAPPING (see Helper Table Definitions). Check for this situation and, if necessary, revise your reports to use the changed column names.

Data Warehouse Initial - TeamConnect Data Warehouse initial loading is invoked manually using a batch or shell file that is used only for the initial load.

Initial Loading
The very first time this job runs it may require a long time to complete, because it will be loading a large volume of data from the source database to the target database. This first run should be done at a time when TeamConnect is stopped. Subsequent runs of this job will take much less time and it is not necessary to stop TeamConnect during the job.