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Failure of DWH Refresh due to duplicate entries in TC Database - Solution

Issue Description
In TC OOTB functionality, whenever user will click on the 'Documents' tab then only 'InvolvedList' folder will be created  due to which it is creating duplicate entries in source database under E_DOCU table for InvolvedList folder as there is custom action rule created under the 'Documents' objects.

             - There are 2 custom fields which are created on Document object under the 'DOCU' category 'template' boolean type custom field and other field is 'uniqueID' is of text type custom field.
             - Whenever 'InvolvedList' folder is created by default 'template' field is populated with default value and it is creating an entry under the 'E_DOCU' table.
             - At same moment other entry is added with primary key as above entry under 'E_DOCU' table to populate the 'uniqueID' value through the custom action rule '8.1 Sequential Document ID'.

As a workaround, below are the steps implemented:
 - We resolved this issue bye passing the custom action rule '8.1 Sequential Document ID' to update the custom field 'uniqueID'  value only other than the 'InvolvedList' folder [Please refer the screenshot of the Qualifier which applied to bye-pass the rule].
  [Please refer the attached screenshot Qualifier.png]
  To populate the 'uniqueID' field on the document object, we have created a schedule action rule to execute for every 3 hours and it will search if the 'InvolvedList' folder is created and 'uniqueID' is not populated then it will populate the field with 'DOCU-PKPK', where 'PKPK' is primary key of the Document record. [Below is the schedule action configured under the Schedule Action Monitor and please find the schedule action class file attached to this email].
  [Please refer the attached screenshot ScheduleAction.png and schedule action class file used to update the fields]

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