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Error encountered during DW installation

Here's the solution to “Couldn't execute SQL: create or replace view wh_project_security_filter.”  error that occurred during DataWarehouse installation.

When running the WH_Install script a second time for a fresh installation of Data Warehouse (with Oracle Database server), we encountered this error: “Couldn't execute SQL: create or replace view wh_project_security_filter.”

Occasionally, during a DW installation, error conditions cause the installation to abort. An example of this could involve the permissions associated with the database. After resolving the permissions condition, running the WH_install script may still not work. This is because other items need to be cleared out from the initial WH_install failure. Take the following steps to resolve the issue:

1. Drop your Data Warehouse tablespace.

2. Confirm that your target database user has all the necessary privileges, as listed in the DW Installation and Configuration guide. In particular, make sure that you have the CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW permission.

3. Recreate the Data Warehouse tablespace.

4. Re-run WH_install script.