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CSM Stuck on Stopping

CSM Settings > Synchronization Settings: Status field provides the current synchronization status as follows:
• Running—CSM is actively synchronizing with Collaborati.
• Stopped—Synchronization is stopped.
• Stopping—The Stop button is clicked and synchronization continues to run in the background until the current item is done. The status changes to Stopped when the synchronization is done.
• Waiting For Next Sync—The current synchronization action is complete and waiting for the next scheduled execution.
• Waiting to Retry Sync—The scheduled synchronization action failed and is waiting for the next scheduled action synchronization to try to re-establish the connection with Collaborati and synchronize.

To stop synchronization, click Stop. The Stop button is available if the Status is Running or Waiting.

Note that the status can show as “Stopping…” while the current item is being synchronized. 

TCKB - CSM sync stuck on Stopping (Image 1).png


However, if the status shows as Stopping for longer than 30 minutes, there may be a problem.

To resolve, follow these steps:
1. Click on the All > Tools > Scheduled Actions.
2. Find the Startup Actions
3. Click the button “Run Startup Actions”

TCKB - CSM sync stuck on Stopping (Image 2).png