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CSM - Matters Not Syncing Checklist

Here are the steps to check the matter is setup correctly in TeamConnect:


  1. First, check for the last successful sync (under the CSM tab).




  1. Then, check to ensure the Matter is Open, not Closed.   Your settings may allow a vendor to see and bill to matters that are closed for a certain number of days (see #5).




  1. Check if the vendor is Involved on the matter with the correct E-billing role.  Check the Inactive date on the Involved Party Record.


Find the correct Involved Party record on the matter.


Then open the Involved Party Record.  Compare with the E-billing roles from CSM -> CSM Settings -> E-billing roles.  




Confirm that the Involved Party Record does not have an Inactive Date that has passed.





  1. Also, check to ensure the correct Contact card is “Involved” on the matter.



  1. Optional: Your settings may allow vendors to bill for a few days once the matter is closed.  (This does not work if the Inactive Date on the

Involved Party record has passed.)


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