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Custom Screens

Custom blocks and object views offer flexibility in screen layout and control over user access to record information. Custom fields are the core component of custom screens.

Custom fields can be created and displayed by category only. For all categories and custom fields you add to an object definition, associated access rights are automatically created. Users and user groups must be assigned the appropriate access rights to be able to view the custom screens.

Note: Some blocks use the TCLegalJavascript.js file to handle the show/hide behavior of some blocks. You can find all the XML files that use it by searching the source code for TCLegalJavascript.js.

This section provides Matter Management-specific guidelines regarding adding, modifying, and deleting custom screens.

Adding Custom Screens

You can add custom screens with no impact other than the work necessary to integrate them with the rest of the product, such as UI design.

Modifying Custom Screens

You can perform many modifications to the custom blocks and object views using the Admin menu, but some dependencies in class files may not be readily obvious.

Deleting Custom Screens

If a custom field is deleted (or a category is deleted upon which the field depends) but remaining elements of the design require the field, TeamConnect® Legal Matter Management will display an error that shows which custom field is missing. For more information about determining category dependencies, see Categories.

Some custom screens are used only for wizards and use wizard parameters. It is best not to change or remove wizard parameters, because many CJBs, actions, and conditions are dependent on the parameters.

Searching for Categories Used by XML Files

You can find all categories that are used by XML files by searching the source code for the category= text string.

Note: You must have access to the source code (.java files, NOT .class files) to be able to search for such text strings.

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