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Lookup Tables

All TeamConnect® Legal Matter Management lookup tables can be viewed and modified on the Lookup Tables screen.

Using Categories and Lookup Tables provides a reference of TeamConnect® Legal Matter Management's lookup table items as well as the locations of all the fields and class files that use them.

You can find all instances of lookup tables that are used by class files by searching the source code for the LT_ text string.

Note: You must have access to the source code (.java files, NOT .class files) to be able to search for such text strings.

This section provides Matter Management-specific guidelines regarding adding, modifying, reordering, and deleting items in lookup tables. Performing these procedures is covered by other chapters in this documentation. Additionally, this section highlights lookup tables requiring special attention.

Adding Items to Lookup Tables

Adding lookup tables should not cause any impact other than integrating them into the business solution.

Modifying Items in Lookup Tables

If you must modify a particular lookup table, determine which fields use the lookup table by referring to Using Categories and Lookup Tables and then determine which rules, wizards, or reports use those fields.

With the exception of the Outside Counsel Evaluation custom lookup table, you can rename lookup table items to suit your implementation without causing problems. However, the tree position of many lookup table items are used by rules and wizards.

Reordering Items in Lookup Tables

All lookup table items have an integer assigned to them that indicates the order in which they are to be displayed with respect to the other items in the same node. Lookup table items with the same integer are displayed alphabetically.

With the exception of the Outside Counsel Evaluation custom lookup table, you can re-order lookup table items to suit your implementation without causing problems. However, you must not change the tree position of any lookup table items because many rules and wizards depend on them.

Important: Do not change the order of the Outside Counsel Evaluation custom lookup table because several rules and wizards depend on the order of its items.

Deleting Items in Lookup Tables

Deleting a lookup table can cause serious impact if fields or rules depend on it. Dependent fields are essentially deleted. Dependent rules will not work properly and may cause Java error messages to be displayed.

If a lookup table has no dependent components, its deletion will not cause any issues. However, it is best to proceed with caution by determining whether the lookup table is used by other components and make any necessary modifications.

Lookup Tables Requiring Special Caution

The following lookup tables are essential to the corresponding functionality:

  • Budgeting Type—Used for budgeting functionality.
  • Contact Relation Type—This system lookup table is used in several CJBs such as the Outside Counsel, Opposing Party, and Jurisdiction blocks.
  • Matter Type—Used for Invoice functionality. The tree positions must match the applicable matter objects (DISP and TRAN).
  • Matter Specific Budgeting Type—Used for changing budgeting mode functionality.

You can safely rename the lookup items in these lookup tables, but you may have to reconcile the naming differences within the UI.

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