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Using Categories and Lookup Tables

Categories and lookup tables allow you to organize information that displays on the end-user interface page.


Categories are hierarchical list items that allow you to organize custom fields of a record into blocks or sections in a given end-user interface page. By adding or deleting categories in a record, end users may display or hide associated blocks of details (custom fields) in that record. Categories also help users to organize records by certain types, for example, employee contact records as opposed to non-employee contact records, or domestic and international accounts.

For another example, you may set up a block so that, if a user adds a External: Attorney category to a contact record, a Contact Vendor Details block also appears.

You must specify categories when defining:

  • Custom Fields
  • Blocks
  • Access to object records at the category level

Lookup Tables

Lookup tables are database tables that organize, store and quickly access multiple items, such as contacts' roles, types of addresses, phone, fax, and other contact information. In addition to adding, renaming, inactivating, and deleting items in system lookup tables, you may define new custom lookup tables and their contents.

In the end-user interface, lookup tables appear either as drop-down lists (most common) or radio buttons that allow the user to look up necessary information and make an appropriate selection.

TeamConnect's user interface uses several types of list fields that reference lookup table items. For example, users can select the country in which a contact lives from a drop-down list that references the Country Item system lookup table. 

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