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Multiple Business Objects universes for ad-hoc reporting and a set of standard Business Objects reports are an optional feature that can be purchased separately. For information on how to install Business Objects, see the Installation Guide for Business Objects.

The universes include:

  • Standard Reporting universe
  • Matter universe
  • Finance universe
  • Contact Management universe
  • Events Universe
  • Admin universe
  • Document universe

The Business Objects Analytics option includes these reports:

  • Top 25 Outside Counsel Spending
  • Top 10 Matter by Spending
  • Budget Summary
  • Invoice Summary
  • Spending by Cost Center
  • Spending by Matter Category
  • Settlement Payout
  • Budget/Expenditure Detail
  • Matter Count
  • Case Progress

Contact Product Management for specific details regarding Business Objects reports.

Caution: The Business Objects reports depend on many fields. Changing the Include in Reporting or Include in Data Warehouse setting of custom Fields can impact the creation of reports. For specific field dependencies, see Custom Fields.

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