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Using XML Worksheet Tool

The XML Worksheet Tool executes Extensible Markup Language (XML) requests that can perform functions such as inserting, updating, and deleting data in TeamConnect.

This can be useful in cases where you need to create a large number of records for testing performance or search functionality, or to populate a fresh instance of TeamConnect with "stock" data.

To execute XML code using XML Worksheet Tool

  1. In the Designer window, in the Tools drop-down list select Xml Worksheet. The corresponding Xml Worksheet screen appears.
  2. Enter your XML code in the Xml text box. Alternately, click the Choose File button to locate a local XML document that contains the code you want to run. Click the Upload button after the local XML document is selected to populate the Xml text box with the contents of the document.
    Click the Clear Request link to reset the Xml text box to empty.
  3. Click the Post Data button to execute the XML code in the Xml text box.
    The results of your XML code display in the Results text box.

XML Worksheet Code Format

The XML code used in XML Worksheet Tool requires several sections that must be organized in the following order:

  • Request—XML document wrapper.
  • Authentication—The TeamConnect username and password of an account that has the proper rights to perform the operation defined in the XML code.
  • One or more records with the following components and their respective attributes:
    • Entity and Operation—Entities correspond to System Object definitions with special case for Custom Object Definitions. Operations are used to insert, delete, or update records.
    • Elements—These represent System or Custom Fields. System Field tags are generally their labels. Custom Field tags are their field names.

In TeamConnect, tags represent fields that have corresponding methods in the API. All System Objects and their system fields can be accessed with XML. Custom Objects and their fields can also be accessed with XML.

Sample XML Worksheet Code

The following XML code sample will create a contact of type Person named "John Doe" in TeamConnect. The sample contains all the sections described in XML Worksheet Code Format.






<Contact op="insert">




<Alias>Test Contact</Alias>



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