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Migrating Custom Designs

The typical life cycle of any new TeamConnect design is:

  • Design/Development phase
  • Testing phase
  • Production phase

The following design tools are provided for migrating custom designs from a development TeamConnect instance to a QA or production TeamConnect instance:

  • Design Snapshot Tool—From your development TeamConnect instance, captures your latest design snapshot, provides a summary of archived design snapshots, generates a design update file (used to update a TeamConnect instance at custom design version x to design version y). You may also revert your current design to a previously saved snapshot using this tool.
  • Design Import Tool—From your QA or production TeamConnect instance, applies a design update file to upgrade the instance from design version X to design version Y.
  • Configuration Transfer Utility—Allows users to transfer custom designs and configurations to a new production version of TeamConnect.

Caution: It is neither recommended nor supported for a user to make separate changes to both the development and QA instance designs, and then use the Design Snapshot Tool and Design Import Tool to merge the respective designs.

For descriptions on assigning rights to work with the Design Snapshot Tool and Design Import Tool, see Group Tool Rights.


For the design import process, it is required that both the source (development) and destination (QA or production) TeamConnect instances are at the same version.

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