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Friendly Name

A label that you give to a TeamConnect component, such as a Custom Block, in the form of a text name instead of a code. Friendly names allow you to identify the component among the other components with which it is listed in the screen, so that you do not have to remember a unique code or a key that is automatically assigned by TeamConnect.

Full-Text Search

Allows you to search for items in the database according to their content. TeamConnect provides the feature of content searching in uploaded documents, and certain fields in Records, if Microsoft® SQL Server Full-Text Search or Oracle® Text (interMedia) is available on your database server. For example, using content searching, you could search the content of uploaded documents to find a file in which a certain person's name is mentioned. This feature is available in search screens if the appropriate fields are included in the corresponding Search View.

Functional Level Security

Discontinued term. Replaced by the concept of object-level Rights.

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