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Retrieving Data through Custom Fields of Type Involved

The following sample is used to retrieve data from the contact record linked to the project through the Involved custom field.

Additional Driver Info

<tc:detail select="PLCY/AdditionalDriver">

<tc:data select="Contact">

First Name:

<tc:data select="FirstName" />

Last Name:

<tc:data select="Name" />

Home Address Information

<tc:loop select="AddressList" qualifier="Type_TreePosition=ADDR_BUS1"><tc:data select="Street" /><tc:data select="City" /><tc:data select="State" /><tc:data select="PostalCode" /></ tc:loop>

Social Security #:

<tc:data select="SsOrTaxNumberString" />

Driver's License:

<tc:data select="DriverLicense" />


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