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Retrieving Data through Custom Fields of Type Custom Object

The following sample is used to retrieve data from the parent record of the Claim identified in a custom field of type Custom Object (MasterClaims).

<tc:detail select="CLAM/MasterClaims">
<tc:data select="Parent">

Master Claim's Parent (Policy) Information

<tc:data select="NumberString" />

<tc:data select="Name" />

Categories List:
<tc:loop select="DetailList">

<tc:data select="Category/Name" />


Default Category:
<tc:data select="DefaultCategory/Name" />

Policy Effective Date:
<tc:detail select="PLCY/EffectiveDate" />
Good Driver?: <tc:detail select="PLCY/GoodDriver" />

Policy Postal Code:
<tc:detail select="PLCY/PolicyZip" />

Policy State:
<tc:detail select="PLCY/PolicyState" />

<tc:detail select="PLCY/Comments" />

</tc:data> </tc:detail>


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