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About Objects

Objects in TeamConnect represent business entities and concepts. Each object has an object definition that determines how object records that store your organization's information are created, displayed, and maintained.

When you customize TeamConnect, most of your work involves modifying or creating object definitions to meet the needs of your organization. For example, you might modify the Account system object that comes with TeamConnect or create a new "Property" custom object.

Object definitions determine the basic appearance of the records created by end users, each record's name and number, required fields, workflow, and so on. You can also create object definitions that dynamically pre-populate the record with certain data or automatically create any necessary related records.

Based on your business requirements, you can specify the following aspects of object definitions:

  • Properties—Visual and functional aspects, such as custom fields and rules that require them to be populated before users can save the record. For example, you could create the "Case Caption" custom field for the Dispute object. Then, you could create a rule so that Dispute records cannot be saved if this field is empty.
  • Relationships—Relationships to other objects, such as a dispute record that has several involved parties, which are related to contact records.


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