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Invoice currency doesn't match vendor currency

If this rule is enabled and the invoice currency is different from the vendor's default currency (from the TeamConnect contact record, Rates page, Default Currency), the invoice will be rejected.


If the vendor's contact default currency is not defined, this rule will compare the invoice currency against the TeamConnect system default currency. This validation rule is triggered on invoice creation and on invoice update (for manual invoices).

You should not enable this rule if you expect your vendors to submit invoices in multiple currencies.

Field Descriptions:

  • Warning MessageType a warning message to display when this rule is triggered. If a line item contains such words, this warning will be inserted into the line item details. The default warning message is: "Invoice currency <SUBMITTED CURRENCY CODE> does not match our records for your company: <VENDOR CURRENCY CODE>. Please contact your client's billing coordinator."
  • This Rule is ActiveSelect this check box to activate the rule. By default, this rule is not active.
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