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Invoice Service/Expense Charges are Too Old

This rule ensures that invoices do not contain service or expense charges (i.e., line items) that are on dates that fall after your company's maximum number of days between the service date and the invoice date.



For example, a company may not accept an invoice that contains service dates that are more than 180 days old. This validation rule is triggered on invoice creation and on invoice update (for manual invoices) and settings must be valid within the appropriate time period.

Note: This is an optional rule; do not set this rule if your company does not require this type of validation.

Field Descriptions:

  • This Rule is ActiveSelect this check box to activate the rule. If an invoice is created with service/expense dates on the invoice (i.e., line item dates) that exceed the client-specified maximum number of days between the service date and the invoice date, the rule will be triggered. This means that a warning message will be inserted into each incompliant line item charge, unless the Auto-adjust incompliant charges to zero option is checked.
  • Maximum number of days between the charge date and the invoice dateEnter the number of days that your company will allow between an invoice date and an individual charge date. The default is 180 days. This must be a positive, non-zero value.
  • Warning MessageType a warning message to display when this rule is triggered. If a line item contains service/expense dates exceeding the specified time, this warning will be inserted into the invoice line item. The default warning message is: "Charge service or expense date is more than %d days old. Allowed maximum number of days between the charge date and the invoice date is %s days.", where "%d" is used to display the calculated difference in days and "%s" is used to display the specified maximum days.
  • Auto-adjust incompliant charges to zero—If this option is checked, incompliant charges will be adjusted to zero. In this case, the information about this adjustment along with the adjustment reason (which should be selected from the Adjustment Reasons lookup table) will be recorded in the adjustment history. The Adjusted By value will be System.
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