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Setting Up TeamConnect for Custom Screens

Before creating your custom screens, you may want to design custom fields to be used for your teams. It is recommended to do a thorough analysis of what fields are needed for your use case prior to running the Screen Designer. Once all necessary custom fields are decided upon, administrators can save time by adding these fields at once via TeamConnect Setup.


To use blocks for your custom pages, you must first create the necessary custom fields.

To create desired custom fields

  1. Analyze your organization's specific information that needs to be captured in the selected object, in addition to the default fields provided within TeamConnect.
  2. Decide which custom fields you need to create to capture this information.
    Tip: Make a list of the labels for these custom fields and their field types.
  3. Make sure the custom lookup tables are created for the custom fields of the type List.
  4. Because all custom fields are category-specific, decide to which categories in the object definition you want to add your custom fields.
  5. Make sure the desired object categories are added to the object definition.
  6. Add your custom fields to the appropriate category in the object definition. See Adding Custom Fields.
  7. Include your custom fields into the blocks, depending on your needs and design.

To add a custom field to an object definition

  1. In the Setup menu, from the Go to drop-down list select Object Definitions.
  2. Select the appropriate object definition from the displayed list.
  3. Open the Custom Fields tab of the displayed object definition.
  4. Select the Number of entries you would like to add from the drop-down list.
  5. For each data entry row, enter the values in the appropriate fields as described in the Custom Fields Tab table.
  6. If you want to continue adding custom fields, click add more. Otherwise, click Save on the toolbar.
    TeamConnect automatically saves the custom field information and adds the fields to the system block called Details.
  7. Create the appropriate components for the object view—that is, custom blocks.

Points To Remember

Custom fields can be created and displayed by category only. Because of this category dependency, you must carefully plan for which categories to create the desired custom fields, taking into consideration the following:

  • For all categories and custom fields you add in an object definition, associated access rights are automatically created. They must be assigned to the appropriate users and user groups in order for the users to be able to view the categories and their custom fields.
  • The root-level category in both custom and system objects is always automatically added to the object records to provide access to other categories (unless you do not intend to use categories and custom fields in your design at all). This means that all custom fields created for this category are automatically displayed in all records for all users.
  • Always arrange your custom fields so that you do not have to replicate the same fields for different categories.
    This improves performance and also prevents possible confusion if the custom fields of two categories are used in the same object record.
  • A category name must be unique within its object if it has any custom fields included in Data Warehouse. For more information, see Data Warehouse Requirements for Custom Fields.

Custom Field Creation Example

The following example demonstrates creating a custom field to later be utilized by the Screen Designer module. Please see Custom Fields in the TeamConnect Setup and Development Guide for further information on custom fields in general as well as specific details on how they function in TeamConnect Enterprise.

For our example, we will assume that our Contacts records would benefit from having a check-box "Discount Eligible" custom field as well as a number-entry field for "Discount Eligible Amount." The steps below detail creating these fields. For more detail on creating interactions based on this field, please see Designing Interactions in the Screen Designer guide.

  1. Navigate to Setup  in TeamConnect.
  2. From the Go to... drop-down list, select Object Definitions. Click Contact from the resulting screen.
  3. Click the Custom Fields tab.
  4. Add the Field Name, Label, and Field Type as well as other desired fields for "Discount Eligible." For this use case, we will use "Check Box." Click Add More when done.
    Note: The Field Name cannot include special characters or spaces. The Label field can include spaces.
  5. Add the Field Name, Label, and Field Type as well as other desired fields for "Discount Eligible Amount." For this use case, we will use "Number Field." Click Add More when done.
  6. Click Save and Close.

    Custom Fields Added

    The fields will be available upon logging into Screen Designer.
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