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Using the Account Conversion Tool

In this article user gets the information about how to use the Account Conversion Tool.

The Account Conversion Tool allows you to convert existing account records from TeamConnect Legal Matter Management versions prior to 4.0 to the new account record format in TeamConnect Financial Management.

The Account Conversion Tool is only available to TeamConnect users who are members of a group with the appropriate Tool Rights. This group is likely reserved for TeamConnect administrators.

Additionally, users need rights for each object that the Account Conversion Tool will be used on, rights to view the object, categories, and phases.

Note: You may not need to convert accounts that have a zero balance if you are not using them to budget for a matter.

Important: If you have existing account records that apply to dates prior to 1/1/2005, you will need to modify your Global Start Date before converting the existing accounts. See Budget Settings or contact Mitratech support for more information.

To convert existing accounts with the Account Conversion Tool

  1. From the Tools tab, click Account Conversion Tool.
  2. Select the desired object from the Select Object drop-down list.
  3. Click the Refresh button.
    The Categories and Phases multi-select lists for the selected object appear.
  4. Select the desired categories and phases in the Categories and Phases multi-select lists. You can select more than one item in each of these lists by holding down the Shift or Ctrl keys when selecting items.
    Note: Not selecting any items in the Categories multi-select list is equivalent to selecting all items in the lists. Not selecting any items in the or Phases multi-select list is equivalent to selecting all items in the list, except for the Closed phase.
  5. Click the Search button.
    The matching matter records for the specified search criteria appear.
    Note: The search results will not return matter records that have already been converted with Account Conversion Tool.
  6. Select the check-boxes of the desired matter records.
    Use the page arrow links to view more matter records if the search returns more results than can be displayed on the page.
    Note: You can only select matter records for the currently viewed page.
  7. Click the Convert button.
    A notification appears. Accounts of the selected matter records convert.
  8. Click your web browser's Refresh button to reload the page and view the results of the last time the tool was run. 
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