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Configuration and Settings

This article outlines the information about how to configure the deadlines page for a matter and its settings.

Before you can start using Deadlines integration, you must configure and set up the product.

Configuring the Deadlines Page

After you install Deadlines integration, you must create and add the Deadlines page to a matter or project.

Note: Use the Available Updates section of the About page to install. For more information about how to install, refer to Viewing Information About Available Updates

The Deadlines page of a project record is the page where you create deadlines for that specific record and where you can also assign tasks and appointments to those deadlines. Typically, you add this page to a matter, but you can also add it to a project object.

Deadlines Page

To create the Deadlines page

  1. Click the Setup link.
  2. From the Go to drop-down, select Object Definitions.
  3. Click the object definition link for the matter or project where you want to add the Deadlines page.
  4. On the General tab of that object definition, click the Go to Object folder link.
  5. Navigate to the Root/System/Screens folder.

    Files in the Root/System/Screens Folder
  6. Save the following files to your computer:
    • CJB_CompuLawDeadlinesTab_DeadlinesTable.class  
    • CJB_CompuLawDeadlinesTab_MatterUtilities.class
    • CJB_CompuLawDeadlinesTab.xml
    • CJB_UnregisterMatter.class
  7. Navigate to the Root/System/Object Definition/Name of Object/Screens folder. The Name of the Object folder you select is based on the matter or project where you want to add the Deadlines page. You can add this page to more than one object definition.
  8. Add the files you saved in step 6 to the Screens folder. If you are adding the Deadlines page to more than one object, add the files to the Screens folder for each object.
  9. Return to the General tab of the object definition from step 3.
  10. Click the Blocks tab.
  11. From the File Name drop-down, select CJB_CompuLawDeadlinesTab.
  12. Enter Deadlines for the Friendly Name and click add more.
  13. Click the Object Views tab.
  14. Click the link for the current object view.
    To look up the current object view, select Default Object Views from the System Settings drop-down and look for the object name and the chosen object view.
  15. In the Object View tab that opens, enter Deadlines in the New tab name field and click add.
  16. From the Add the block drop-down, select Deadlines, which you created on the Block tab and click add next to the Add the block drop-down.
  17. Click Save and Close.

Note: To view and use the Deadlines page, users must have CompuLaw Mapping and CompuLaw Deadline rights. See CompuLaw Mapping Rights and CompuLaw Deadline Rights for descriptions of these system rights.

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