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Managing Deadlines Settings

This article provides the information about how to Manage deadlines settings and user accounts.

To use Deadlines integration, you must register an account on the Settings page of Deadlines Settings. When you register an account, your system receives a unique account ID that identifies that you have a TeamConnect account in Aderant's system.

Note: You must have the rights to use Deadlines Settings. You may want to create a group with Deadlines Settings rights and add Deadlines administrators to that group. See Deadlines Settings Rights for descriptions of these system rights.

To register an account

  1. Under All Services on the homepage, click Deadlines Settings.
  2. Click the Deadlines Settings link.
    If you are using Deadlines Settings for the first time, you may need to create the Deadlines Settings object. Click New to open the creation wizard, and click Finish to create the object.
  3. From the Settings page, click Register Account.
  4. Enter information about the firm and account administrator.
  5. Enter at least one email address for a notification contact who will receive email updates from Aderant about court deadlines.
    In addition to these contacts receiving emails from Aderant, for each registered matter, the main Assignee (or user who created the matter if there is no main Assignee) receives an email from Mitratech about court deadline updates.
  6. Review the End User License Agreement and place a check-mark in the check-box.
  7. Click Submit.

To unregister an account

From the Settings page, click Unregister Account. Unregistering an account deletes all account information, including your account ID and associations with all matters. If you register your account again, you receive a new account number.

Note: Unregistering an account does not remove it from Aderant's servers. Contact Mitratech support to delete your account permanently.

To customize Deadlines tasks and appointments prefixes

From the Settings page, navigate to Task and Appointment Settings. The Deadlines Prefix Identifier text field will be applied to all new tasks and appointments, allowing admin customization of how tasks and appointments will be displayed. If left blank, this will default to DEADLINES as the prefix.

Note: Changing this setting will not affect previously created tasks and appointments.

Past Tasks and Appointments Settings

When a user unregisters a matter, TeamConnect deletes all future tasks and appointments associated with the matter. By default, all tasks and appointments associated with the matter that already occurred stay in TeamConnect. However, you can all users to make a decision about whether or not they want to delete past tasks and appointments associated with an unregistered matter.

Users will need to enable the Execute Custom Actions When Unregistering Matters setting to allow tasks and appointments to be automatically removed via custom rule execution.

To allow deletion of past tasks and appointments

  1. From the Settings page of Deadlines Settings, click Edit.
  2. Place a check-mark in the Delete Past Tasks and Appointments check-box.
    After you place a check-mark in this field, the Delete Past Tasks and Appointments check-box appears in the Unregister Matter box. The user unregistering the matter can choose whether or not to delete past tasks and appointments.

TeamConnect Update Settings

Aderant's servers stay up-to-date with rule and deadline changes. You can set how often TeamConnect checks with Aderant to determine if there are any changes to the list of deadlines added to each matter.

To update the settings for how often TeamConnect checks for updates

  1. From the Settings page of Deadlines Settings, click Edit.
  2. Enter a number for how often TeamConnect checks for updates in one of the following fields:
    • Hour Interval—For TeamConnect to check every certain number of hours.
    • Day Interval—For TeamConnect to check every certain number of days.
  3. Enter a Start Time for the first interval.

If a deadline has an update, the user receives an email notification and follows the link in the email to review and sync the changes. Refer to Syncing Deadlines with Aderant for more information.

To set the email address for receiving updates

  1. From the All tab, click Admin Settings.
  2. From the General page, enter the Login URL for your version of TeamConnect.
  3. From the Email page, enter the email address for receiving updates in the Reply-to Address field.

Validating and Refreshing

Under certain circumstances, you may need to validate or refresh if you suspect the matters and deadlines are inconsistent between TeamConnect and Aderant's servers. From the Settings page, click one of the following buttons:

To check for consistency between TeamConnect and Aderant's servers

  • Validate—Checks that both systems have the same registered matters. If the number of matters between both are inconsistent, Aderant's servers update with the registered matters in TeamConnect.
  • Refresh—Compares both systems for a registered matter. The table of Refresh buttons includes all registered matters in TeamConnect. Refresh checks for the following consistencies:
    • The same dates for appointments/tasks and the deadline—The dates for appointments and tasks update based on the dates on the Deadlines page.
    • The same deadlines and dates for deadlines—TeamConnect updates with the dates and deadlines in Aderant's servers.
      Refreshing could take a few minutes to occur.

Configuring Deadlines Exclusions

Deadlines 1.1+ users are able to create exclusion templates to be re-used for the same jurisdiction as needed. This section seeks to familiarize the user with the process; further detail can be found in the Aderant Deadlines Rules documentation.

Note: No data will be saved in TeamConnect from this process.

The Configure Exclusions button within the Deadline Exclusion Settings block will be visible for any users with Deadlines 1.1+ or later with Edit Deadlines Settings records enabled.

Adding Exclusion Templates

  1. Click the Configure Exclusions button.
  2. Click Add in the bottom corner.
  3. Enter in the Name field and Description field. Add in the Category field, if desired, to improve filtering and searching.
  4. Search for the Jurisdiction using the search bar.
  5. Select an Event from the dropdown lists or the search bar. Separate events will require new templates.
  6. Select exclusions for that event. Multiple exclusions can be selected where applicable. Deadlines will ask for confirmation to automatically exclude related dates where applicable.
  7. Click Save to finalize the exclusion.
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