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System Requirements

This article provides the information about the System requirements that required to use Data Warehouse.

Data Warehouse uses Pentaho tools (Pan, Kitchen, and Spoon). Pentaho tools formerly were known by the collective name "Kettle". It has the following system requirements for installation and configuration:

  • TeamConnect as the source database
  • A target database. Data Warehouse supports the same database servers that are supported for TeamConnect. The database type and version selected should be the same as what's used for the respective TeamConnect database.Note: Users on TCE 5.2 will not be able to connect to Data Warehouse if they are running SQL Server 2016 for their TeamConnect AND Data Warehouse databases as well as WebSphere 8.5.5. 
  • Refer to the TeamConnect Release Notes for your respective version for further details.
  • Java Runtime Environment version 1.8.
    • Oracle users will need the ojdbc6.jar file.
    • SQL Server users will need the sqljdbc4.jar file.

Both of these .jar files need to be put in the \libext\JDBC\ directory. These files are available from their respective Oracle and Microsoft web sites.

  • Ensure that the file has the WH_COMMIT_SIZE=5000 field present. Data Warehouse will not function without this field present.
  • Extra disc space requirements for temporary tables. (Extra multiplier).

Note: Data Warehouse has been certified only with standard network authentication.
Important: TeamConnect Data Warehouse supersedes DataMart. Remove DataMart, following instructions in the DataMart Administration Guide, before installing Data Warehouse.
Note: Data Warehouse has been certified only with standard network authentication.

Data Warehouse provides an Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) solution to extract TeamConnect operational data, transform it, and load it into a simplified database schema to use for your business intelligence tasks. This allows end users who are familiar with standard reporting or business intelligence tools, such as Business Objects, Cognos, WebFocus, etc., to extract information for decision making. Data Warehouse is also used by the built-in reporting features in TeamConnect.

Data Warehouse contains a set of automated scripts that read your custom TeamConnect design, then create a secondary simplified, denormalized database schema, and move the data from the operational TeamConnect database to this secondary database. This process of simplification and denormalization of the operational data transforms it into database tables with more intuitive column names.

The ETL tools are set up to process on a pre-defined schedule, and they capture all data changes between the previous invocation of the tools and the current time of execution. These changes are migrated to the warehouse, keeping the two databases synchronized.

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