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View a list of your associated Firms, the Firm Offices (Vendors) and Firm Timekeepers.

The Firm structure is new in the CSM 6.2 release. Before it's release, Firms had to create an account in Collaborati for each of their billing offices. Starting in CSM 6.2, there is a new Firm structure with a parent Firm profile and the Vendor profiles under it. The Firm structure offers Clients the ability to view all Vendors tied to a firm in CSM.

Mitratech will update Firms into this new structure in Collaborati. If one of your Firms has not be migrated to this structure or a new Firm Office needs to be added to the Firm Profile, the Firm should contact Collaborati Support to schedule the merge. 

Firms do not need to be authorized like Firm Offices (Vendors). Firms can be mapped to a Contact Card but do not have to be.

When a Client upgrades to CSM 6.2.1+, they will notice a new record type called "Firms" that they did not see previously. Firm records will automatically sync over from Collaborati. For those Clients upgrading to CSM 6.2.4+, they will notice the CSM Vendors have been renamed to Offices. They will also notice a call to action:"n New Firms to be Mapped". If Clients choose to map the Firms to a contact card, this is the process:

  1. Click the link "n New Firms to be Mapped".   
  2. This will take you to the Firm Contact Mapping wizard.
  3. The wizard will suggest a contact for the Firm but this contact will most likely not be correct as the system may suggest a contact that is already mapped to the Firm's Office with the same or similar name. The user will receive an error message if they try to map the Firm to a contact that is already mapped to a Firm or Firm Office. Please clear the suggested contact from the Contact field before proceeding.
  4. There are three options for mapping contact cards to a Firm:
    • Check the "Auto-create contact records for new offices that do not have a matching contact card"
    • Search for and select an existing contact card in the Contact field
    • Select the search icon and opt to create a New contact card.
  5. If you choose to select to auto-create contact cards, check the box, select the Firms that you want to map and click the Next button at the top. 
  6. If you choose to select an existing contact, click the search icon next to the Contact field. Search for the Contact you'd like to map to the Firm and select that Contact. 
  7. If you choose to create a new contact, select the search icon next to the Contact field. On the search page, click the New button and create a new contact card to map to the Firm.
  8. If you are not auto-creating contacts, make sure all the Firms you want to map have a Contact identified. Select the checkbox next to each Firm you want to map and select the Next button at the top.
  9. The Firm Contact Mapping wizard will walk you through the rest of the process to complete the Firm-Contact mapping.

This is the change in structure:


Collaborati accounts that do not have multiple offices will be updated into a single-office firm structure.



View a list of your associated Firms and the Firm Offices.

The Firms page shows a list of all Firms associated with your Collaborati client. There are several search views available in the left navigation bar. From this page, you may also set up a new Firm-Contact relation. The below screenshot shows "1 New Firm to be Mapped". This refers to mapping the Firm to a contact card in TeamConnect.


The table of Firms will give you the Firm Name, Mailing Address, Phone, Email, Contact and Modified On date. Each column can be sorted.


If you select a Firm, you will be able to review and edit the General Firm Information and Mailing Address. From the left pane, there is one other option under Firms: Offices. Offices shows you a list of all Offices associated with that Firm.  

Firm Profile 


Select a Office to see the General Office Information as well as the settings for Budgets, Task Codes, Expense Codes, Activity Codes, Non-US Tax Codes, Timekeepers, Rates, Rate Requests and Document Sharing.






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