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Adding AP Custom Fields to an Invoice

This article gives the information about how to add AP custom fields to an invoice.

If you do not have TeamConnect Legal Matter Management, you must create ready-to-send and sent-to-AP custom fields and add them to the invoice.

Using the search view you create in Creating an Invoice Search View, TeamConnect determines the invoices to include with the output data. See the following image for more explanation.

In TeamConnect Legal, the ready-to-send field is Ready to send to AP and the sent-to-AP field is Sent to AP.

Fields in TeamConnect Legal That Indicate the Invoice Is Ready To Be Included with Output Data

Note: If you have TeamConnect Legal Matter Management, check to make sure these fields are on the General page of an invoice.

From the Setup, create the following AP custom fields on the Custom Fields tab of the Invoice object definition:

  • One or more ready-to-send fields that indicate the invoice is ready to be included with the output data.
  • A sent-to-AP field that updates when output data includes the invoice.

Note: You can customize these fields according to your company's business practices.

While you can use field names and labels that you prefer, the following image provides example fields.

Example of Custom Field for the Invoice Object

When you open an invoice, the custom fields appear in the Invoice Details block on the General page.

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