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Getting Started

This article provides the information about AP link module

Use TeamConnect Accounts Payable Link to allow TeamConnect to work with an external AP system. This help explains to setup TeamConnect to extract approved invoice data to be sent to AP for payment and import payment data from the AP system to update TeamConnect.

Use Cases for AP Link

  • If a vendor calls someone at your company to ask when they will receive payment for an invoice, he or she can check the status of the invoice to find out whether or not it has been approved and flagged for payment. Based on the knowledge of how often TeamConnect generates a list of approved invoices and how often the Finance department makes payments, your coworker can tell within how many days the vendor can expect to be paid.
  • When the Finance department requests certain data to make payments, you can select which fields from the invoice you want to be included with the output data that the Finance department receives.
  • When the Finance department makes invoice payments, you may want to update the amount paid in the TeamConnect invoices. Entering input settings about the invoice data that the external AP system returns, TeamConnect can input the amount paid for each invoice.

Initial Setup

When you install AP Link, you must restart the application server.

Note: Use the Available Updates section of the About page to install. For more information about how to install, refer to Viewing Information About Available Updates.

After you restart the application server, perform the following tasks to complete the initial setup:

  1. Add users to the AP Admin group. See Changing a User's Group Membership for how to add a user to a group.
  2. Add AP Settings to any tab, such as the Finance or Admin tab. From the Setup, select Object: AP Settings as the Add Sub-navigation Item on the desired tab under Global Navigation. See Working with Tab Bar Contents for more explanation.
  3. Add AP custom fields to invoice records to aid in selecting invoices for payment. See Adding AP Custom Fields to an Invoice for an example.
  4. Create an AP search view using the AP fields in the previous step. See Creating an Invoice Search View for an example.
  5. If you do not want to manually update every invoice that is ready to be paid, create a rule that updates the ready-to-send indicator on each invoice that has been approved. See "Using Rules" in the TeamConnect Customization Guide for more information.
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