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TeamConnect Business Intelligence 6.2.4 Patch 3 Release Notes

This release notes details the information related to Enhancements, Known Issues and Fixed Bugs for TeamConnect Business Intelligence version 6.2.4 Patch 3.

Enhancements and Improvements

Enhancement: TCBI now supports Color Profile plugin
Description: TCBI has integrated color profile plugin to facilitate color profile support. With the manage color profile plugin, users can now customize the color profiles of their dashboards and widgets to suit their preferences.For more information, refer to the link.
Tracking Code: TC-45604

Fixed Bugs 

Issue: Upon upgrading to Sisense 8.2, the script is altered, resulting in the loss of information pertaining to pivot table in Edit Script pane 
Tracking Code: TC-40131
Case Number: 2021-1025-849456

Known Issues 

Issue: Hyperlinks within a table are being removed when a pivot table is edited by either dragging and dropping or modifying the script
Workaround: To access the hyperlinks, users are required to either click on the dashboard or refresh TeamConnect.
Tracking Code: TC-46309 

Issue: Primary Key Column is not hidden when edit script is applied on Pivot Table widget.
Tracking Code: TC-46320

Issue: The Manager Color plugin is not being applied to dashboards and reports when downloading them to PDF or PNG format, or when scheduling reports.
Tracking Code: TC-46577

Issue: In TC 6.2.4, the embedded portal panes are not displaying the hyperlink on pivot tables.
Tracking Code: TC-46784